Our company carries out in collaboration with the Dental Practice of Dr. Sarunic, a transport service from Imola to Fiume (Rijeka) which is about 400 Km
The departures from Imola are provided every Saturday morning at 5:00 am with return in the evening around 22.00.
Ability to organize travel in other days.
The individual fee is € 100.00 (the service will be operated with a minimum of 6 participants)
The price includes round-trip transfers, 1st check-up with a final quote and dining seafood restaurant.
Got the quote, if you are interested, you are free to choose how to achieve the study for subsequent appointments.
Recall that invoice will be issued, valid for tax deductibility and the processes that are guaranteed by a specific insurance policy valid internationally.

Some examples of services offered:

  • implant + abutment + crown metal / ceramic € 875.00
  • installations € 499.00
  • metal-ceramic crown (the sharp step!) € 225.00
  • bleaching € 299.00

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